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Tamil Worship Songs

Songs of Zion, Vol 1

Click image to listen to songs.

These songs were graciously provided by Brother N. Deva Prakash Babu, who produced this CD for El-Bethel Prayer House, Chennai, India. Click for more information about the Songs of Zion CD.

Selected Tamil Songs

Tamil Songs 1

Andho calvariyil
Kaalayum maalayum
Engae ooduvaai
Vunmaiyulla en karthaavae
Nandriyudan panigiraen
Aaayeram varudangalaga
Here on calvary
Morning and evening
Where will you run
My faithful Lord
I bow with gratitude
Thousand years




Tamil Songs 2

Jeevanai kodutha devanae
Yehovaavin kirubai
Vaananggalum vaanaadhi
Vandhdhanamae vandhdhanam
Vum siththamae vum raththamae
Kalvaariyin thangammae
God who gave his life
Grace of Jehovah
All the sky
Welcome, welcome
Your will, your blood
Gold of calvary




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